Favorite Links this Weekend

We’re buckling down for a heatwave that’s on its way, with temperatures heading up to 40ºC (104ºF). Fortunately I’ve got a small stockpile of fans I’ve been collecting over the years, and few bottles of rosé in the refrigerator. (And my refrigerator actually has an ice-maker.) I sometimes bring a bag as a host gift when invited for dinner…but this week, I’m saving them all for myself. In the meantime, here are some fun links I’ve enjoyed lately:

– Adam, the Amateur Gourmet, puts on his blogging shoes after an absence for the One Mac and Cheese to Rule Them All.

– The end of paper tickets on the Paris métro. (Who else remembers the turquoise and purple ones? And when they had first-class cars?)

– My next book is already available for pre-order!

– I’m interviewed, and in the spotlight, at She Knows media.

– Is wine in kegs coming? (Personally, I hope so. Maybe it’ll prod more restaurants in the U.S. to offer more affordable wines by the glass and carafe.)

– What it’s like to judge the Best Baguette in Paris annual competition. (Spoiler: I judged a chocolate competition once and after the 5th or 6th samples, it was harder to discern any differences.)

– Listen as I chat with Brian Hart Hoffman on the Bakefeed podcast.

– I met up with Deb this weekend and shared a burrata with her in Paris. (She makes a good one at home, too.)

– The city of Paris has designated a rue in every arrondissement as a rue sans mégots, a no-cigarette-butt (on the ground) street.

– Follow Ina.fr on Instagram for great glimpses into French life from the past (even if you don’t speak French) – the one from when the mini-jupe, or mini-skirt, was introduced in Paris in 1966, is definitely from another era, as is this less eyebrow-raising one of bistro life in 1978.

– James Corden takes over the crosswalks of Paris, to the music of Les Misérables.

Weekend Links