Organized Pantry Tour (VIDEO)

It is finally here – our organized kitchen pantry tour! I hope you are inspired to spruce up your pantry after watching this. The before and after photos are surprising.

Watch the video tour to take a look inside every drawer and see what we keep in our well-stocked pantry. We’re also sharing links to all of our organizational containers and bins below.

Organized Kitchen Pantry

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Anna from Home Aligned (a professional home organizer) helped take our pantry from zero to hero! It has become a space that I love to be in. I walk into our pantry and I am inspired to cook and also to get other spaces organized and tidied up.

How to Organize Your Pantry:

Anna’s process was brilliant and enjoyable (it’s such a treat to have someone else clean and organize a space like this for me). Even before the project began, she figured out what my style was and what my dream was for the pantry and then things got exciting:

  • Day 1: She assessed the situation and determined what our storage needs were; baskets, bins, tubs, jars, etc.
  • Day 2: She pulled everything out of our pantry, identified expired things then transferred things to containers and put them back into the pantry in a way that makes sense.
  • Day 3: The final touches and decor went into the pantry. The labels were set on the plastic containers and metal labels were placed on the baskets.

How to organize your pantry Empty pantry ready for organizing

Before Organizing:

For the past year, we’ve just been adding “stuff” to our pantry and it ended up more of a catch-all junk drawer. It was always a guessing game about what needed refilling and it was a great way to weed out the expired stuff also.

Messy Pantry that is not organized

Messy pantry drawers

And After…

I love my pantry so much now that it’s organized. It breaths and it’s a beautiful space. I feel like I could have coffee in here with a friend. It’s a happy place and a well-oiled machine now. I go in and can see exactly how many cans of corn I have for example.  I couldn’t love it any more than I do. Anna, thank you!

Fully organized pantry with decor

Pantry Organization & Storage Containers:

Keeping baking basics in clear bins is awesome! We stash the bulk refills below the counter but it’s wonderful to grab what I need and go without having to pull out my bulk bags of things when I am cooking or baking. It also helps me to keep an eye on what I have in stock and I may need to refill soon.

Organizing and storage containers for the pantry

Decorative Items:

School Lunchbox Tools:

Kitchen Tools We Store in the Pantry:

Natashas Kitchen in her organized pantry

What Foods are in our Well-Stocked Pantry?

Check out the description section on our Pantry Tour Youtube Video where we list out the foods that we stock in our pantry. These are our pantry staples, but you might find some new favorites in this list.

Watch the Pantry Tour Video:

See how we organized our pantry and take a peek inside our pantry drawers to check out all of our favorite foods and kitchen supplies.

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